Meet The Team

Chrissy Kirkman

Creative Director & Owner

Chrissy is the founder and creative director at Hello Creative.  A former software quality analyst, teacher, and self-taught designer, Chrissy is passionate about helping people follow their dreams.  In 2011, Chrissy became a certified life coach through Light University with the American Association of Christian Counselors and has worked with many amazing women and girls in a variety of ways.  She is passionate about relationships, all things creative, and Jesus, Who led her to step into the next chapter of her purpose; Hello Creative!  When she’s not working, you can find her leading worship, laughing, narrating for animals, fishing, and cheering on the LSU Tigers with her family.

Chrissy's purpose is to magnify the Lord as she encourages, engages, and empowers others to overcome!

Chicory Julep Kirkman

Barketing assistant

Chicory is the official barketing assistant at Hello Creative.  A Coonhound Mix born in 2018 and named after the famous Cafe Du Monde Coffee & Chicory from New Orleans, Chicory was rescued from the Joplin Humane Society on the way home from a Kirkman family trip to Arkansas.  An avid fetch performer, food beggar, and fit thrower, Chicory is passionate about chasing rabbits, birds, cats, snakes, and anything else that stokes her thrill of the chase.  When she’s not enhancing the environment at Hello Creative, you can find her sleeping, snoring, growling when her sleep is disturbed, pitchin' a fit, runnin' wild through the house, and cheering on the LSU Tigers with her family.

Chicory's purpose is to give the kind of love only a sweet & sassy Coonhound can give!

What folks are sayin'

"This website Looks so good, not only visually but also content-wise! Very clean, easy to read, & not too busy layout, detailed and lookin' so professional!"

-B2B Virtual Solutions, Inc. colleague

"This graphic looks awesome! We better bring our "A" game with a flyer like that!"

-Rainy Cadenhead

"You are so good at what you do! You have a true gift for seeing beneath the surface when it comes to marketing. I love how you were able to bring to life what I didn't even know was in my mind! Thank you!"

-Mya Abernathy

"Chrissy Kirkman, you are a miracle worker! Girl, this promotional graphic and the individual bios look great!

-Lashan Gunnels

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